Weekly Photo Challenge – Early Bird

As long as I can have a nap before noon, I would call myself a morning person. If you give me that, I’ll get up whatever time is necessary. But since naps aren’t always possible, I’m not always up early. This means that all my early morning photos are from trips – I can’t nap at my office job, so when in my hometown, you’re not going to find me awake before I have to be awake! One of my favorite early morning pictures I have is one I took in Guyana. This South American country is blessed with gorgeous lush landscapes and I had a great time “getting back to nature” at the village in which I stayed (except for the giant spiders, though). Daily life started early in the morning with the sunrise and morning ablutions weren’t always indoors – one of the many tributaries of the Essequibo River runs through the village so it was a great place for a spot of bathing. Rural rainforest living is easy to romanticize but I must admit there was great appeal about the simple living and the humble pleasures of being surrounded by unspoiled nature.

6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Early Bird

  1. What a lovely photo! I think I could actually wake up with scenery like that first thing in the morning!

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