Camino Frances Journal – Day 4

Two years ago today, I was walking the Camino Frances. While on the trail, I didn’t really post all that often; therefore, for the next 38 days, I will be posting a little blurb from my journal and up to 10 photos (not necessarily the best pictures but more that they represent that day in some particular way). Today is day 4 – April 24th. Zubiri to Pamplona

It was almost four hours later after leaving Zubiri that we (still walking with Robin) finally found a place open for breakfast. Had a Spanish tortilla, which is quickly becoming my favourite snack. …

Spring is turning out to be a fantastic time to walk – so verdant and wildflowers are everywhere. Yellow fields mixed with the rolling green hills in the distance never fail to make me smile. …

Walked through Trinidad de Arre at siesta time so there was absolutely no one around.  Siesta time seriously makes places into ghost towns! Next time I walk the Camino Frances, I will have to stop here for the day and be representing Trinidad [my birth country]. I wonder if they’d let me stay at the albergue for free 😉 …

My first impression of Pamplona is that I wish it were further along the Camino Frances to justify a rest day here. It has a lot to see – museums, historic streets and buildings, colourful facades everywhere. Tonight’s albergue is part of a 17th century Jesuit church. Pretty neat!

4 responses to “Camino Frances Journal – Day 4

  1. I remember your obsession with tortillas!

    That’s it! You have to go walk the Camino again now! I want to know how being a Trinidadian in Trinidad de Arre works out!

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