Camino Frances Journal – Day 7

Two years ago today, I was walking the Camino Frances. While on the trail, I didn’t really post all that often; therefore, for the next 38 days, I will be posting a little blurb from my journal and up to 10 photos (not necessarily the best pictures but more that they represent that day in some particular way). Today is day 7 – April 27th. Obanos to Estella

Spanish flat is the bane of my existence. Seriously – is this country solely made up of hills?? Today we [yep, still with Robin] pushed things and walked about 24km. We started late but I have no idea how – got up before 7am but was slow in packing, I guess. Wasn’t until nearly 8am that we left. We stopped at a restaurant in Puente de la Reina. 4€ got breakfast of real orange juice, café con leche, and pan tostada. Spent too long at breakfast; about 9:30 we were finally truly off. Passed over the 12th century bridge that had been built specifically for pilgrims. …

Stopped at Cirauqui, a medieval town on a hill, and bought bread and juice. Had it with cheese we got earlier. Ate on a bench outside of the 13th century church. Cirauqui also had a table on the route with the town’s Camino stamp – you can stamp your pilgrim’s passport yourself with it. After lunch, we really started making bad time. Nothing felt right to me – my hips hurt, I have a bruise on my collarbone from the bag strap, bag felt heavy. Dragged myself to Lorca and had a snack of tortilla and a coke. …

Barely made it alive to Estella – was exhausted, tired, cold, hungry, and getting cranky. Tried one albergue – closed. Tried the parochial albergue – full. Then tried to find this particular hotel – took forever and had to ask for directions but eventually found it. …

We spent a bit of time wandering town before dinner. Estella is lovely. Atmospheric old narrow streets, marble rain gutters, interesting architecture, a rocky river, old churches, lively population. Dinner was okay… Italian guy named Rosario turned up his nose at the tomato sauce on my pasta.

2 responses to “Camino Frances Journal – Day 7

  1. I’m glad you finally found a place to stay. I know the Camino can get crowded and it must be horrible after a long, hard day to not find a place to rest your feet!

    It’s nice you had some time to enjoy Estella after that!

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