Weekly Photo Challenge – Motion

Visiting New York City on a budget sounds like it would be hard but it is actually quite doable. However, you have to be very creative. For example, the boats to the Statue of Liberty are a tad pricey, especially if you don’t really care about being super up close and personal to the statue along with a million other tourists. Why not consider taking the Staten Island ferry? It passes by the Statue and Ellis Island and you can take a little time to wander the harbour front of Staten Island before returning back to New York City.  Best of all? It’s FREE. The picture I have chosen for this week’s photo challenge was taken while I was on the ferry – it ended up being a triptych of motion: I’m in motion, there’s another ferry in motion on the right side of the photo, and there is a seagull in motion on the left side of the photo. In the middle, is Lady Liberty herself.

Statue of Liberty

6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Motion

  1. I totally did this by accident when I was in NY and then I thought to myself “well I’ve seen the Statue of Liberty now, so I’ll save my money and not get the boat tour”, it’s such a good tip and you get a great view. Love the colours in this photo, and the little bird just sneaking through 🙂

  2. I’m slightly reluctant to ask this question but how much of that is fog and how much is smog?!

    Go seagull, go!

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