Weekly Photo Challenge – Intricate

This week’s photo challenge is Intricate. My mind immediately went to Istanbul, one of my favourite cities so far in my travels. As a visitor, you don’t have to dig deep to find intricacies here – you’ll find it in the textiles and lamps of the Grand Bazaar, in the frescoes of Chora Church, in the mosaics of the Mosaics Museum, and all around the busy mosques such as Blue and Suleymaniye or the quiet ones of Rustem Pasha and Mihrimah Sultan. However, the example of intricate I have chosen for this challenge can be found in the Topkapi Palace – in the Harem section, to be more precise. The whole site is mind-bogglingly rich and can be quite the sensory overload. One part of the Harem contains the Crown Prince’s apartments where luxurious doesn’t even begin to cover it. This photo is of the tiled walls and the stained glass windows in one of the rooms.



10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Intricate

  1. Wow, beautiful! That’s real luxury! I can’t imagine how much work went into that one wall.

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