Camino Frances Journal – Day 37

Two years ago today, I was walking the Camino Frances. While on the trail, I didn’t really post all that often; therefore, for the next 38 days, I will be posting a little blurb from my journal and up to 10 photos (not necessarily the best pictures but more that they represent that day in some particular way). It’s kind of like a little memorial as for me, the season of spring is now irrevocably linked to the Camino experience. Today is day 37 – May 27th. Arzua to O Pedrouzo

Today’s path was more countryside, forest paths, and many eucalyptus trees providing shade. It was a lovely walk until I reached the outskirts of O Pedrouzo…

O Pedrouzo is another modern-feeling town that has absolutely no redeeming qualities about it. Unfortunately, there aren’t really many options after it other than the giant complex of Monte Gozo just before Santiago. For me, O Pedrouzo was the best of two bad options. I decided to stay at the municipal albergue as I felt that I didn’t really stay in many during my Camino. Why that matters, I don’t know, but I felt kind of guilty so municipal it was. …

I arrived at the albergue over an hour before it opened. There were a few others waiting, including a trio of friendly older Spanish men who pretty much told me to pull up a bench and gave me a beer. Eh. Why not. They spoke no English but my crappy Spanish enabled us to converse a bit….well, more that they could speak to me and I would understand every third word and respond haltingly while hoping I wasn’t committing myself to something I’d regret. One guy got cheeky and took a photo of the two of us with his phone to send to his girlfriend as he wanted to see if he could make her jealous.  I hope she smacked him when he got home…

I ran into Australian Clare and we spent the afternoon wandering the town (had hopes to find SOMETHING to see here but found nothing) and then had a pilgrim’s menu dinner at a restaurant…

I feel sad for anyone who did/is doing/will do the Camino Frances only starting from Sarria. These last few days of the Camino have definitely not been indicative of the Camino Frances experience, in my opinion…

4 responses to “Camino Frances Journal – Day 37

  1. Ha! Somewhere out there is a Spanish woman who hates you!

    I feel a little sad reading this a the past few days’ entries. You really seemed tired and sad yourself!

    • haha!

      Yeah, the last week of the Camino was so unlike the rest of the time. I think I was tired, peopled out, not liking the dramatic increase of pilgrims, not liking the increasing amount of urban, etc. It was definitely tough mentally for me. But I did manage to find some bright spots!

  2. Agreed. One can walk through the beautiful woodland and farmlands forever, being lost in one’s own thoughts and simply enjoying. It is almost an invasion, going into a city and being around so many people. Just takes getting used to.

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