Weekly Photo Challenge – On the Way

Sometimes, when on the way to somewhere, you start to wonder if you’re actually going to get there – either because of hardships or because of risk to life and limb. I had my concerns about that on a trip to Kaieteur Falls, Guyana. Kaieteur National Park is located in the centre of Guyana’s rainforest so unless you want to trek for days on end, the only way to get there is by flying.

It took some doing to get a flight to the falls because tours run only when there are enough people to fill a 6-seater plane (unless you are Moneybags and can rent the whole plane yourself). And getting enough people is harder than one would think – there just aren’t that many tourists in Guyana. Luckily, there was a pair who had chartered a flight for themselves but were open to others joining them to cut back on the costs. The day of the tour, the organizers were about 3 hours late picking me and my friend up. Three hours. THREE. Thank goodness for my sanity that the flight was still available that afternoon for us to take – I’m not sure why it was available because more often than not, tourists wait days before they can get a flight themselves. There were others at the airport that we saw being turned away because there were no other flights that day to Kaieteur. But when the Universe gives, I take with both hands and run.

Prepping for the flight was entertaining as I have a morbid sense of humour – we had to weigh ourselves in order to ensure that our combined weight was not too much for the puny little plane on which they planned to put us. Once that was done, we had lunch which was included in the tour price. Yes, we ate after we weighed ourselves. After everyone was fed, watered, and was a little heavier, we piled onto the plane and headed off to the unknown.

This is where my picture fits this week’s photo challenge of On the Way. While up in the air, I just happened to turn around to see what was behind me . I saw duct tape. I calmly photographed it and turned back around, hoping that there wasn’t more duct tape on important parts of the plane as I knew that if this plane crashed in the jungle, my mother would resurrect me just so she could kill me herself. Thankfully, we made it in one piece. Of course, we had to get on the same plane to get back to town…

Duct Tape

11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – On the Way

  1. I laughed when I got to the picture! Staring at duct tape on an airplane is definitely an interesting thing to be doing ‘on the way’. Glad you made it in one piece! 😉

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