Weekly Photo Challenge – Vivid

Finding the yellow poison dart frog was one of the items on my mini-bucket list I had made for my three month stint in Guyana, South America. I’ve always liked brightly coloured tiny frogs so when I learned about this particular one that can only be found in one particular area of this one country, of course I wanted the challenge of finding it. They say that this frog only lives in the giant tank bromeliads that are found along Kaieteur Falls, so to get there, I had to take a plane – that was an adventure in itself. Of the six of us in our little group, I was the only one excited to see this little fella but I had no shame – dude and I communed for a bit, I admired his vivid colouring, he posed for me, and then we went our separate ways.

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Yellow poison dart frog

9 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Vivid

    • unfortunately, it is! I read somewhere that apparently, the more brightly coloured they are, the more poisonous the poison dart frogs tend to be…

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