Weekly Photo Challenge – ROY G. BIV

If you’re wondering who Roy G. Biv is, don’t worry – I didn’t know who he was either. It turns out he isn’t a he – more of an “it”. ROY G BIV is an acronym to represent the traditional colours found in a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. This week’s photo challenge was to either create a gallery of photos that represent each photo or to find/take one photo that has all seven colours. My original idea was a gallery of colourful doors; however, as I was searching through my photo collection, I found this one picture that actually pretty much had all the colours within it. This picture was taken in the Sultanahmet neighbourhood of Istanbul on a quiet street near a bazaar. I found it by random chance and I am still not sure why this particular row of houses is so colourful.

I know I’m kind of pushing the limit with the indigo, though, represented by the sky – not quite dark enough but close enough, I hope!



14 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – ROY G. BIV

  1. I was just in Istanbul and found this street. I love it. Parts of it were getting a fresh coat of paint one day when I walked by. It turns out is is actually a wall of a restaurant made to look like traditional houses on a smaller scale. Great picture.

  2. Wow! Definitely all the colours represented here!
    I love colourful houses, I wish more places had them!
    Really nice picture, the lighting in some areas gives it a painting quality!

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