Weekly Photo Challenge – Door

I’ve always found it rather entertaining how so many of us have this fascination for doors (and windows, shutters, fences, stairs, etc). Such a simple thing and yet our photographic hearts squeal with joy when we find a particularly great specimen. Going through my collection of such photos made me shake my head over the fact that I have a collection of such photos. For this week’s photo challenge, I decided to do a triptych of three different doors, each photograph getting closer to the door itself. The first one was taken in Spain, along the Camino Frances – I just loved the randomness of a door in the middle of a field. The second one was taken in Mexico and it was the beautiful carvings that caught my eye. The final one was photographed in Guyana – the closer you get to something, the more details you find and some details can be surprising! In this case, this frog was nicknamed “Door Frog”, brother to “Toilet Frog” I had found on a previous day…

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