Weekly Photo Challenge – Close Up

Yes, my choice for this week’s photo challenge (close up) is a spider. Gross, I know, but bear with me…this one is actually cute! I found it in my grandfather’s garden in Trinidad and tried to get close but not too close as I had no idea if it would try to jump on my face and bite me. It was only later, when I was looking at the photograph on my laptop that I realized this wasn’t just any spider. It was Fashion Spider! This one has little booties on each leg, a little red smile, and long long eyelashes framing eyes staring directly at the camera – this was one spider that was ready for its close-up!

Click on the photo for a closer view!

Fashion Spider

Fashion Spider

10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Close Up

  1. I viewed this large before I read your description, and the raised eyes definitely got my attention first! I love those sporty “booties” – it’s indeed a Fashion Spider!

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  3. Growing up on a farm I am all right with spiders. Not quite so keen on poisonous ones though. Love this photo. The colorful leaves make for an amazing backdrop for ‘fashion’ spider.

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