Weekly Photo Challenge – Beneath Your Feet

One of my traditions when travelling is to bring back a rock or shell for my mom. She has a giant fishbowl of such items from around the world and I enjoy adding to it. So at some point on any trip, if there is a beach in the vicinity, you’ll find me wandering around staring at the ground beneath my feet looking for that perfect specimen worthy of the fish bowl. This particular photo was taken in Tasmania, Australia. The country has tons of beaches but not all of them are golden sand. I loved how the water turned this sand to almost a gun metal grey – birds also loved the sand, if the many footprints are any indication! This beach also had many multi-coloured rocks so I had fun choosing one (or two). If I remember correctly, I brought back a purple rock. Pretty neat!

beach - footprints and rocks

4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Beneath Your Feet

  1. Strolling the beach in search of interesting shells is fun! The best place I’ve ever visited is New Zealand, as it seemed each beach, even if it was only a few miles from the last, had different types of shells.

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