Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy

Have you ever wondered where creepy monsters go to retire? For example, did Count Dracula decamp in a long forgotten castle? Has the Leviathan made its home in the deep unexplored trenches of the ocean while the Jabberwock sulks in the dark dense forests?  Of these monsters, I have no idea. But on one of my visits to New York City, as I wandered this great metropolis, I actually stumbled across one monster in particular. With great trepidation, I daringly snuck a photograph and escaped before he could see me. So without further ado, I give you the Headless Horseman (retired). Granted, he’s looking a little frail but I wouldn’t test him if I were you!

Headless Horseman (retired)

10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy

    • Hehe! I hope you didn’t have nightmares. When I saw this person, it was so strange. I know they were just stooped over but from my vantage point, headless!

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