What is a Post 30 Life List?

It is essentially a bucket list that lasts only 30 years (Heh. “Only”). When I turned 30, I looked back on my life and realized that I did manage to accomplish many things – but there were some goals I never did get around to achieving. That was due to many things including a lack of focus and a lack of actually setting said goals. I figured, if I managed to do so many things despite a lack of planning, what can I achieve if I actually do plan?

Why 100?

30 years is a long time! But then again, the first 30 pretty much flew by… A challenge! 100 is definitely going to take more effort than say, 30. Sure, it sounds poetic to say 30 things in 30 years, but that isn’t exactly pushing me to accomplish something challenging.

Why do you only have 89 of the 100 listed?

Flexibility! You can’t go through life without giving yourself some wiggle room. As the years march on, I will be exposed to different things and learn new things and discover new things. I’m giving myself 11 spots to add new appealing things as I come across them! Also? You don’t want to put things on the list just for the sake of having a long list – if it isn’t something you really want to do, don’t put it!

Are there any rules?

Not many at all. Anything that I have done pre-age 30 that can fit into one of the listed items, doesn’t count. Though I did try to only put things on the list that I’ve never done before. No, I don’t have to do the list by myself – if anyone wants to join me, you’re more than welcome (except for #65, of course). Items can be combined – for example, if I manage to do #79 in a #81 such as #45, then that is three down for the price of one!

Why did you publish the list?

Accountability! I love lists. I don’t always follow my lists. Putting the list up for others to see will kinda ensure I stick to working on completing it or else forever shame be upon my head.

Why are so many travel related?

Travel is my purpose in life. Pointe finale.

Isn’t such a list contrary to you being an introvert?

I don’t believe so. Being an introvert has nothing to do with going out in the world and doing things. Don’t believe me? Look up the official definition of introvert – an introvert gains energy from being alone and is drained of energy by being around people. An extrovert is the opposite. It has nothing to do with if one likes adventure in their lives. Trust me; I know plenty of seriously boring extroverts. But if after I spend a day wandering the markets while fulfilling #77, I just may have to book a private compartment in order to recharge for the next day!

Can I do one with you?

Sure! Also, if you can hook me up (especially with #6), I’d love you forever 🙂

Why #36?

Dunno about you, but I plan to be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse.

I have another question! or I have a suggestion for your list!

Do tell! I would love to hear your questions, suggestions, comments, complaints, etc. Or you could share your own things you’d like to achieve/attain/do. Let me know at traveltrunk *at* hotmail *dot*com

Check out the list!

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